With this article we try to explain the origin, meaning and benefits of yoga in the simplest way possible.

Origin of yoga

Yoga is closely linked to Indian history and culture, in particular to that of the Vedic Upanisads (6th-4th century BC) and to the contemporary diffusion of Jainism and Buddhism. From India the practice of yoga spread throughout Asia and over the world.

The meaning of yoga

The term yoga derives from ancient Latin and Sanskrit roots united in linking it to the meaning of the yoke, of the union with the inner reality with the aim of controlling one’s senses through a series of meditative practices connected to body movements performed in coordination with the breath.

The benefits of yoga

The practice of yoga facilitates concentration by reducing stress and anxiety because it allows you to relax. Yoga also allows you to recover your inner spirituality by developing vital energy through certain postures. Yoga has a beneficial effect on blood pressure and lung capacity.

Yoga positions

There are various types of yoga, a common feature is given by the yoga postures, the asanas, coordinated with breathing exercises, the pranayamas that accompany the transition from one posture to another.

Vinyasa yoga

Among the various types of Yoga we cite, by way of example, Vinyasa yoga which involves a series of fast asana-postures closely coordinated with breathing so as to create a continuous flow which is sometimes accompanied by music. The various asanas are held for a few seconds with a free sequence adapted to the participants.

Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is the traditional yoga where the asanas are held for a longer time together with breathing-pranayama techniques in the framework of a more static style suitable for everyone.

Lakeside yogalago marchesa palme fiori loto

The ultimate goal of yoga is to create an inner peace that can be reached even faster if you practice lakeside yoga as it happens in our farmhouse thanks to the presence of a lake surrounded by woods and vineyards. The lake from June to October has a spectacular bloom of lotus flowers.

Yoga in the garden

Yoga is a meditation practice more effective if it is practiced in the middle of nature, this is the reason why being able to choose to do yoga in the middle of our gardens can certainly help you find peace with yourself.

Yoga near Milan

It is not easy to practice yoga near Milan, we suggest you do yoga in the hills, in the Marchesa wine estate  choosing between the gardens and the lake of the estate.

Yoga near Genova

Doing yoga between Novi Ligure and Gavi, in the ancient territory of the Republic of Genoa, means to combine the tradition of Asia with the culture of our country.

We hope we have summarized in a simple way the origin, meaning and benefits of yoga, if you want to practice it on our wine estate, fill in the attached form and we will tell you how to do it.


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