If you haven’t yet decided where to go for a wine tasting near Milan, we suggest you to choose the Gavi area, in Monferrato, in order to combine wine with a nice trip to the countryside.

Why to choose the Gavi area, in Monferrato

The Gavi area is only an hour from Milan, but offers a landscape of gentle hills, always breezy, where it is very pleasant to stay for a trip out of town or for a weekend.

Tasting of Gavi white wines

If you choose to do the Marchesa wine tasting you will be able to taste not only the Gavi with its fresh and fruity aromas but also 4 extraordinary native reds wines of Monferrato recently rediscovered.


pelvaro marchesa

The tasting of the native red grapes of Monferrato

The native reds grapes derive from vines originating in Monferrato or Piedmont, eliminated from mass production due to low yields or cultural difficulties, their rediscovery offers to wine lovers completely different aromas ranging from pepper, cherry, licorice.

Who does the tasting

The tasting of white and red wines is done in the cellar by the Marchesa wine maker, the process of vinification in steel is explained which allows to obtain the typical aromas of the vines not altered by the passages in the wood of the barriques.

How tasting works


Before the tasting it is possible to visit the estate or the cellar alone with an explanation of the various stages of grape processing necessary to obtain the wine, the choice of wines is then proposed accompanied by a focaccia or a platter with focaccia, cheeses and cold cuts.

How much does the tasting cost

On the estate website you can find many choices of experiences ranging from 20 euros upwards, ranging from simple tasting, to chopping boards, to lunch or dinner in our farmhouse after the visit.

How to give a tasting

On the website of the estate there are the various choices for a voucher to give.


panchina lago marchesa

How to dress for the tasting

We are in the countryside so you must always dress informally with comfortable shoes that are also suitable for a walk to the lake on the estate.

Wine tasting at Serravalle Outlet

If you are at the Serravalle Outlet and want to combine shopping with the tasting of white wines from Gavi or red wines from Monferrato, you can choose to come to the Marchesa wine estate, which is only 4 kilometers from the outlet, choosing from the various experiences offered on our site.

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