If you have not yet decided where to go for a day near Milan and where to eat between Milan and Genoa, with this article we suggest alternatives for your day with a stop for lunch in the Marchesa farmhouse.

A day of shopping at the Serravalle Scrivia Outlet

The Serravalle Scrivia Designer Outlet, considered a shopping paradise, can be easily reached one hour from Milan. If you spend a whole day at the outlet and want some advice for lunch, the farmhouse with restaurant of our wine Estate offers you the opportunity to stop in the middle of the greenery just 2,5 miles from the outlet.

Discover cultural heritage one hour from Milan

Everyone knows Leonardo’s Last Supper, but if you want to discover hidden treasures near Milan, we suggest a day trip to the Gavi area to visit the Monastery of Santa Croce in Bosco Marengo, the Capuchin museum in Voltaggio and of the Confraternity of the Magdalene in Novi Ligure. During the long day, book a stop for lunch at the restaurant of the farmhouse on our wine estate.

A visit to the cellar in the Gavi area, in Monferrato

Visiting a cellar with wine tasting is always a beautiful experience, in our cellar you can taste Gavi, the extraordinary white with fruity aromas, but you can also taste the native reds of Piedmont grown on our estate after decades of oblivion.

Where to eat in Monferrato with a view

Milan is in the plains and does not offer any particular view but in Monferrato it is possible to find places where you can eat with a view, one of these is the Tenuta La Marchesa where the view opens onto our 143 acres of vineyards and the woods that surround them. If after lunch you want to take a walk, the trekking to our lake is an unforgettable trip of about 30 minutes between going and coming.

What to eat between Milan and Genoa

If you have not yet decided where to stop between Milan and Genoa, lunch or dinner in our farmhouse between Milan and Genoa offers you the opportunity to discover local dishes and peasant traditions.

The rules of the farmhouse restaurant

Maybe you didn’t know that the rules of the farmhouse restaurant impose to offer up to 25% products from our estate and up to 85% products from farms in the region. This is why, in addition to the wine, we have a large vegetable garden, an orchard, a wheat field for the flour with which we make focaccia, ravioli, tagliatelle and all types of pasta. You will not find the classic menu of a restaurant but a choice of a few dishes that are always fresh and made to order.

A choice of dishes served at the restaurant of our farmhouse

Here are some examples of dishes we have created for you:

roast beef

Roast beef our way: roast beef with bread bruschetta, goat cheese foam and almonds

riso venere Venere rice with zucchini and Montebore cream, the local Slow Food presidium cheese (photo)

Seasonal vegetable flan from our garden (foto)

Rabattoni: Malfatti of herbs with goat ricotta and Parmesan, served hot with melted butter.(foto)



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