The Marchesa wedding location offers various unforgettable experiences for your wedding in Gavi, in Monferrato.

Wedding in the vineyardwedding in the vineyard

The wine wedding in the vineyard in Piedmont is organized with the civil ceremony carried out in the setting of the vineyards of the estate followed by lunch or dinner in the hall of the farmhouse. A wine wedding of this type is unforgettable.





matrimonio in agriturismoWedding in the farmhouse

For a wedding in the farmhouse in Gavi, in Monferrato, the symbolic civil ceremony can be held in the lawn marked by the border of hydrangeas or with the background of the vineyards that slope towards the villa. The wedding lunch or dinner is organized in the hall of the farmhouse open towards the gardens.

matrimonio salone







wedding in the lemon houseWedding in the cellar

If you choose the wedding in the cellar in Novi Ligure you can have the wedding ceremony in the lemon house of the villa followed by a toast in the tasting room of the cellar, you can then move to the farmhouse for the wedding lunch or dinner.

Wedding in the villamatrimonio in villa

If you want to organize a wedding in the villa, after the civil ceremony in the lemon house you can do the blessing of the wedding in the chapel of the villa before moving to the Italian garden in front of the villa where a cab will carry the bride and groom up to the farmhouse for lunch or wedding dinner.

Lakeside wedding

A lakeside wedding ceremony is part of a dream, it can be organized in the pavillon of the Marchesa’s lake but access to the lake is from a dirt road that can only be used in good weather. After the ceremony, the bride and groom will move to the farmhouse for lunch or dinner.

How to dress for a country wedding

For a wedding in the countryside, you can dress elegant or informal according to the wishes of the spouses, for men there are no precise indications, women often prefer long dress perfect even during  summer.

Where to take wedding pictures

For wedding photos you are spoiled for choice between the chapel of the villa, the Italian garden, the lemon house, the lake, the various glimpses offered by the vineyard.

Where to organize an original wedding

If you live in Lombardy, in particular in Milan, in Piedmont or in Liguria and you want to organize an original wedding, choose one of the proposals we have made for you.


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