The water gardens have been for centuries an integral part of the most beautiful gardens because the water with its transparency and the breeze on its surface creates an ever new effect particularly fascinating when the lotus flowers are in full bloom.

Water gardens in history

Water has always been present in the history of gardens starting from the Garden of Eden from whose centre springs a river that divides into 4 branches, 2 mythical and 2 identified in Tigris and Euphrates, the rivers of Mesopotamia, a desert land where water is the most precious asset. The tradition of the water basins in the gardens continues with the Egyptians, then with the Romans, and triumphs with the Islamic gardens of which remains a splendid example in Granada with Alhambra’s garden.

At Versailles water is so important that a huge plant was built in order to take it from the Seine and even in the romantic English garden of 1700/1800 the lake of spring water is always an essential part of the garden.

The lotus flower and the water gardenfiore di loto

The Lotus flower is closely associated with water since, to grow, its rhizomes need to be covered by deep water from a minimum of 10 cm to a maximum of 3 meters; this characteristic has made it the main protagonist of the water gardens. Lotus flower is the common term used while the botanical name is Nelumbo with its subspecies native from Asia and Australia now widespread in all continents.


Fiori di loto BoccioloLotus flower what is its meaning?

The lotus flower for Europeans is often only a very decorative flower that, between June and October, makes stretches of water particularly fascinating, but in Asia its meaning is much deeper since, when it is closed to form a bud , it symbolizes the greeting exchanged between the Buddhists, when it opens, high on its stem, it represents the soul that rises towards God from the mud of the pond. This meaning makes it associate with rebirth and enlightenment that comes from God. The extreme cleanliness of the leaves and the flowers also make it as symbol of purity, inner beauty and perfection.

The lotus flower as food

In Asia, the lotus flower is used as food while the leaves are used instead of dishes to serve food or to contain, properly rolled up, rice. The seeds are eaten raw or cooked while the petals are fully edible. The rhizomes also become a delicious condiment for soups or are simply fried.

The lotus flower and  yoga, why?yoga e fiori di loto

The Lotus flower is born from a muddy ground to then get up from the water and open to the sun, this image represents the metaphor of the benefit that yoga brings to the human body. Among the yoga positions one of the best known is that of the lotus flower, considered the archetype of yoga posture, in which the position of the hands and feet reminds the petals of this beautiful flower. At la Marchesa estate you will find a lake with lotus flowers surrounded by woods and vineyards, a unique place where you can practice your yoga to totally regenerate body and mind during your stay combining water and wine in an ideal union!

Water and wine enemies or allies?

Water and wine, rather than enemies, are complementary and even allies in the image of the Bordeaux Chateaux which undoubtedly constitutes the model of excellence of the wine estates all over the world.

The word Chateau: what does it means?

The Bordeaux Chateau is not a castle in the Italian sense of the term but a model of total harmony where the architecture is perfectly integrated into the landscape, the vineyard is itself a garden together with  the orchard, the Italian garden and at the water garden, hospitality goes along with the beauty of the Estate and, obviously, wines are the final consequence of such perfection.

Tenuta La MarchesaThe Chateau exists in Italy?

Also in Italy the model of the Chateau exists in all the historical estates that still offer an intact landscape in which the vineyard is combined with various types of gardens while the farmhouse and the wine tourism offers to visitors the opportunity to appreciate not only the wines but also the peace and harmony of the countryside.

La Marchesa as a model of the Chateau in Italy

At the Marchesa estate we tried to recreate the same model of total harmony inspired by the French Chateau, harmony in the architecture of the villa, Historic House landmark, well integrated with the cellar the farmhouse and the lemon house, harmony in the vineyard, the vegetable garden, the orchard, the water garden in the lake, harmony in the hospitality in the farmhouse or in the Villa and finally harmony in the wines to sip.

The water garden at the Lakeand the lotus flowers

The biggest challenge was to transform the Marchesa Lake into a water garden! The lake of almost two acres surrounded by woods and vineyards had always been a romantic place for walks but turning it into a water garden was an exciting experience!

During winter the charm of the light that reflects on icy and snow-covered water is beyond words but it is in the spring that the shores of the lake come alive, in May with the flowering of the Yellow water Irises, from June to October with the spectacular flowering of lotus flowers which have colonized the outline of the lake in the sunlit part.

If you liked this article, come and visit us, at the farmhouse you will find a map that will help you reach the lake with an easy walk of about 20/30 minutes, you can also take a walk around the lake and, perhaps, share your experience in social media with friends far away.

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