If you have not yet decided what to do and where to go on Valentine’s Day here is a special offer for all the couples that lives between Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria. Our farmhouse in Monferrato is the place for Valentine’s day in Monferrato.

Piedmont, Lombardy or Liguria why?

The Marchesa Farmhouse is located between three regions. It is 3 km far from the Novi Ligure exit of the A26 motorway, and 5 km from the Serravalle Scrivia exit of the A7 Genova-Milano motorway on the way between Novi Ligure and Gavi. It is not far from anything.

We would like to tell you where the beautiful tradition of this holiday comes from.

The Story of  St.Valentineaureliano

The long life of  St.Valentine, decapitated at 97 year old, takes place in the third century A.D. This was a very difficult period during which, the Roman empire suffered for barbaric invasions and short reigns of warrior emperors. Like Aureliano emperor who, in addition of having erected the stunning walls of Rome, ordered in 273 A.D. the decapitation of Valentine, guilty of having celebrated the wedding between the Pagan Roman Centurion Sabino and the young Christian Serapia.

St.Valentine was born in 176 A.D. in Terni from a noble family, converted to Christianity, he was appointed bishop of Terni at 21 years old. According to a legend he had given to a young couple some roses from his garden, opening the doors of a very happy marriage. Because of this so that other young people ran to him before getting married, for his bless.

Given the great success, he created a special day for the blessings of couples by setting it on February 14th.

Valentine’s Day, why February 14th?

The choice of February 14 had created a general discontent trough the pagan authorities. Because it was very close with February 15, the pagan feast of Lupercalia. It was the fertility festival dedicated to the God Luperco. On this day, young naked men ran whipping Roman ladies and young pregnant in order to ensure them a happy birth. Obviously, these unbridled pagan rites were opposed by the Catholic church.

After the proclamation of Christianity as the official religion of Roman Empire by Theodosius. Pope Gelasius, in 496 A.D., instituted officially St.Valentine holiday, dedicating it to lovers, making people forget the ancient rites of the Lupercalia.

Valentine’s Day the worldwide success


At the end of the 1300’s Geoffrey Chaucer wrote a poem: The Parliament of Folws. In which he compared Valentine to Cupid, the God of Love, associating the love of Richard II for Anne of Bohemia with the moment in which birds choose their companion for spring loves.

In 1800, with the industrial revolution and the birth of the mass market, Valentine’s Day became a worldwide holiday not only for Catholics but also for the Orthodox and Protestants giving rise to the tradition of exchanging gifts from lovers of any age.

Valentine’s Day on a farmhouse

Valentine’s Day in a farm holiday is a different choice compared to the traditional restaurant because it allows you not only to have a nice evening but also offers the opportunity to enjoy our 5 proposal of experiential tourism from the simple tour of the estate, up to visit of the villa, an historical house, still intact. 

Valentine’s Day menu

The menu we offer you is also an act of love for Valentine’s day in Monferrato. The love for the traditional farmer’s cuisine, for the flavours of the past that you will find at the highest level in our menu.


  • Montebore (cheese) cheesecake with pepper jam
  • Velvety soup of carots
  • Citrus and thime

First dish:vigneti-sfocati-neve

  • Carnaroli risotto with pink wine and black currant

Main Course:

  • Herbal Pork leg with baked potatoes


  • Chocolate cake with red fruits

25 € wines exluded
Wines: white label wines 10 €/bott, gold label wines 12€/bott, DOC Piemonte Albarossa e Pelvaro 14 €/bott

The DOCG Gavi Marchesa 2019

The new wine is always a curiosity and often a very nice surprise! If you would like to come at the Marchesa for Valentine’s Day you will have the possibility to visit our cellar and taste our DOCG Gavi 2019. The wine has just been bottled, and this year it has much more acidity and a wider aromatic profile.

Gifts for Valentine’s daysala-pranzo-villa

The most important thing is not the value of the gift but the thought. The Outlet of Serravalle, just 4 km from the Marchesa, still in the sales period, can be an excellent opportunity to find the perfect gift.In 2020 we are lucky! Valentine’s Day will be on Friday 14 February, an excellent opportunity for a Romantic Weekend in Monferrato with cultural tours and a walk through the woods surrounding the Marchesa vineyard to reach our lake which in winter has a special charm.

Lachera in Rocca Grimalda

For anyone that are up to carnival parties, there is the possibility to partecipate at the Carnival party of Rocca Grimalda. The place is just 30 minutes far from The Marchesa. On the event you will find dances and parades, you can find the detailed program in here. On Saturday 15th from 4 and 8 pm is possible to visit the farmhouse. The day will end with the parade trough the village and fireworks. On Sunday 16th starting from 3 pm, traditional dances will take place, for the traditional celebration of the victory of a couple of lovers against the dangerous local gentleman.

For the St Valentine weekend on 14/15 February we have made a special rate for a double room which includes:

  • two nights in a double room with breakfast for 2 people
  • Valentine’s Day dinner and Saturday 15 for 2 people (wines not included)

299 € for two people                                             

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