If you haven’t yet decided what to do and where to go on Valentine’s day, here is a special offer for all couples who live in Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria: a farmhouse between Novi Ligure and Gavi, in Monferrato.


agriturismo marchesaValentine’s day in Piedmont, Lombardy or Liguria why?

Because the farmhouse Marchesa is in Novi Ligure, in Gavi area, 3 km from the Novi Ligure tollbooth of the A26 motorway which connects the highway from Alessandria to Milan Genoa.

But now we want to tell you where the beautiful tradition of this holiday comes from.


The Story of Valentineaureliano

The long life of Saint Valentine, who dies beheaded at the age of 97, takes place in the 3rd century ad, a very difficult period for the roman empire in which invasions by barbarians and brief reigns of warrior emperors such as Aurelian who, in addition to having erected the grandiose walls of Rome, still partly existing today, ordered the beheading of Valentino in 273 a.d., guilty of having celebrated the marriage of the pagan roman centurion Sabino with the young christian Serapia.

Valentino was born in Terni in 176 a.d. into an aristocratic family, converted to christianity, he was appointed bishop of Terni at the age of only 21, according to a legend, he gave a couple of young roses from his garden, giving rise to a marriage very happy so much that other young people ran to him before getting married.

Given the great success he had created a special day for the blessings of couples, setting it for February 14th.

Valentine’s Day, why February 14th?

The choice of February 14 almost coincided with February 15, the feast of the Lupercalia, the fertility festival dedicated to the god Luperco, in which young naked men ran whipping roman matrons and pregnant girls to ensure a happy birth; obviously these unbridled pagan rites were opposed by the catholic church.

After the proclamation of christianity as the official religion of the empire by Theodosius, pope Gelasius, in 496 a.d., officially institutes the feast of San Valentine, dedicating it to lovers to make people forget the ancient rites of the Lupercalia.

Valentine’s Day the worldwide success


At the end of the 1300s Geoffrey Chaucer writes a poem in verse: the parliament of birds, in which he compares Valentine to Cupid, the god of love, associating the love of Richard the second for Anne of Bohemia with the moment in which birds choose their mate for spring mating.

In 1800, with the industrial revolution and the birth of the mass market, Valentine’s day became a world holiday not only for catholics but also for orthodox and protestants, giving rise to the tradition of exchanging gifts by lovers of any age.


Valentine’s Day in a farmhouse

Valentine’s Day in a farmhouse is a new choice compared to the traditional restaurant because it not only allows you to spend a nice evening but also offers the possibility to choose among our experiential tourism proposals, from the simple start experience to the visit of the villa, historic house, with its collections of works of art.


Valentine’s Day menu

Even the Valentine’s menu that we offer you is an act of love, the love for peasant cuisine, for the flavors of the past that you will find at the highest level in the menu that we will send you on request, a menu accompanied by our wines: the new Gavi 2023, even more rich in aromas
than last year and our native reds wines, the Albarossa with spicy aromas without wood, the Pelaverga in purity in our Pelvaro , our Larino and Valino from Slarina and Uvalino grapes.


Valentine’s day gifts at Serravalle Outlet

If you don’t know what to give for Valentine’s day, the Serravalle Outlet, just 3 miles from the Marchesa, still in the sales period, can be an excellent opportunity for a vast choice.

Valentine’s day dinner in a farmhouse

Our restaurant is open on Wednesday 14 february for Valentine’s day dinner, better to book.



4 nights for Valentine’s day with the Piedmont voucher

If you want to spend 4 nights for Valentine’s day by paying only two, you can use the Piedmont voucher which is still valid until June 2024. if you write to us we can help you fill out the voucher.

If with this article we have convinced you to spend Valentine’s day in a farmhouse in Gavi, in Monferrato, fill in the form below and we will welcome you with joy.

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