The Marchesa Estate: our history

The beginning of the history of The Marchesa Estate dates back to 1750: in the home of the Marquis Sauli, an ancient and powerful family of Genoese bankers, a daughter’s marriage is prepared, but the family home, built in the late 1600s, is not aligned with the aspirations of the new bride, or perhaps simply the young husband has much more ambitions.The decision is quick: you build a fantastic villa in the middle of the property.
The name, no problem, is “La Marchesa” in honor of the young wife.
The chapel dedicated to guardian angels is born, larger than the previous one to ensure the health of the farmers’ soul, the lemon grove to keep, during the winter, the lemons so precious at the time. Everything seems radiant and happy.

The French Revolution is at the door. Napoleon, victorious in Marengo, may spend the night at the Marquise.But even his glory is fleeting and the new Italy following the Vienna Congress begins its industrial history.With the silk boom of Novi, La Marchesa becomes the country house of the most important family in the area.
Years go by and at the end of the 19th century the Raggio D’Azeglio create a latifondo of 2000 hectares: the whole area of ​​the Gavi.

We are in our days: with Giulini La Marchesa returns to its ancient splendor with the same lands of 1750 (76 hectares: one of the largest companies of the Gavi). The perfectly restored chapel and lemon grove; the ancient house of the Sauli turned into a farmhouse with swimming pool and restaurant.
12 rooms fitted with country chic furniture, 2 halls of great charm, in absolute silence in the middle of the vineyards with a splendid view. And yet, the Italian garden, the orchard garden, the lake with lotus flowers, extraordinary wines as extraordinary is the land of the Gavi.
The vineyards extend for 58 hectares with a single body around the villa.

La Marchesa today produces 300,000 bottles of wine annually, including Gavi, Monferrato and Albarossa, with grapes coming exclusively from proprietary vineyards and with production techniques that guarantee, according to the strategy of sustainable winegrowing, a very low content of sulphites, equal to less than half the quantities permitted by law.

Wines & Vineyards of Gavi

The Marchesa Estate is a member of the Association of Italian Historic Houses (ADSI) and is listed on the website of the Association: Italian Historic Houses.
Tenuta di Pietra Porzia in Frascati (Rome) is owned by the same family.

Via Gavi 87 15067 - Novi Ligure (AL) - Italy

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