Many people are wondering where to spend safe holidays after Coronavirus emergence; cares about infection’s risks, safety distance, and environment sanitization are only some of the many questions that people are asking themselves for. Travel represents one of the best cares to rediscover the mental serenity we lost during these complicated months. We believe that very little is enough to feel better and rediscover happiness and that’s why we want to encourage you to choose a safe holiday in a beautiful farmhouse at borders between Piedmont, Lombardy, and Liguria. Below our 7 reasons with which we hope to convince you to spend some unforgettable days in Monferrato at La Marchesa’s estate!

1st REASON: a green holiday into nature far from crowd and pollution

A safe holiday should absolutely consider the respect of distances between people. The choice of a site far from big cities chaos will allow you to relax between nature without the worry to check every moment safety distances. We give you the sureness you can enjoy large spaces in which stay peaceful without the risk to cross many people. Our farmhouse it’s surrounded by the Monferrato countryside’s peace and it will make you rediscover the pleasure of the slow rhythms of the past. The air quality is another very important aspect to spend a safe and regenerating holiday. It would seem that COVID-19 finds a good habitat in places with a high pollution level. When planning a holiday post coronavirus emergence, it’s recommended to prefer destinations with low smog levels. In our farmhouse you will enjoy pure countryside air surrounded by unspoiled nature full of biodiversity.

2nd REASON: safe environments regularly sanitized

We are constantly updated on the directives for sanitizing our environments. Ours and your health is in first place. For this reason, we guarantee the max security levels for all of us in order to enjoy at the best the time spent in our farmhouse. We are gearing up with all restriction and security measures to make perfectly safe your stay.

Hygiene in the rooms

In our rooms the laundry is washed at high temperatures and it’s sanitized, the staff is equipped with masks and gloves. We sanitize constantly door handles and all that could be touched in the common areas and in the rooms.

3rd REASON: recover your fitness

These months of home isolation forced us to a sedentary lifestyle. Now it’s the moment to think about the recover of your fitness (fundamental aspect to keep high our immune defences). In our farmhouse you will indulge some pleasant walks surrounded by nature to gradually regain physical fitness. Trekking to the lake or among the vineyards is a recommended activity to our guests. In the 188 acres of our estate you will have the opportunity to do some motor activity exploring an unspoiled corner of Gavi.

4th REASON: healthy diet with local products

A holiday in the countryside will be marked by a healthy and balanced diet. In our farmhouse you will rediscover the flavours of past time with the best products of the territory (almost all of our production); genuine products realized with the utmost respect towards nature and its rhythms. We cultivate in the vegetable garden all kind of vegetables as tomatoes, potatoes, courgettes, aubergines, spinaches, and some not common varieties. In the orchard we cultivate apricots, peaches, prunes, cherries, nuts, pomegranates, and some aromatic plants. A healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables is a source of minerals and vitamins useful to strengthen the immune system and respiratory protection. Moreover, we produce pasta and bread homemade with grain of our production.

5 th REASON: stay in the countryside without giving up the sea

A holiday in our farmhouse will allow you to go to the sea in less than one hour. You comfortably can reach the Sori, Recco, Camogli, the beautiful Portofino, or St. Fruttuoso beaches. From La Marchesa it’s possible also to reach 5 Terre in the day. After a sea-day, you could return to the farmhouse and enjoy the cool of the summer evenings in the countryside, maybe poolside sipping a glass of our wine.

6 th REASON: visit the wine cellar, taste our wines and also receive them at home

During your stay in the farmhouse, you could obviously taste all our wines, which have two particularities: sulphites are always very low (sharply lower than biological ones) which ensure peaceful nights without headaches; native vines flavours because we planted some autochthonous flavoured vines in both Gavi and Reds and, overall, because we don’t use wood so the wines are fresh and full of aromas. If you will appreciate our wines, you can buy them during your stay or get them shipped home with a minimum of € 100,00 (only in Italy).

7 th REASON: Buy with significant savings also our white and red bulk wine in packs of 3/5 liters but it’s obviously a wine to drink fast

If we convinced you, hurry up to complete the reservation form below, after such a difficult period a holiday in the countryside, in farmhouse is the winning choice.


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