Marchesa Spumante Brut Rosè – Sparkling wine

Marchesa Sparkling Brut Rosè: fresh and lively from the Gavi terroir, ideal for aperitifs and appetizers, it also goes well with any type of light dish.


Vineyards all owned by The Estate
Cultivation: with a mix of trichoderma and microorganism to obtain grapes with higher antioxidant power.
Winegrowing: Ecological Cultivation Reg. U 1257/99 ex 2078
Harvest time: from 10th to 30th September
Pressing: soft pressing without sulphites – Charmat system
Winemaking: under controlled temperature 17-18°, from 12th to 30th September, with selected yeasts without sulphites
Sulphites: less than half of what is admitted by law (less than biological wines), 80-100 mg/lit.

Tasting card

Alcohol content: 13% vol. natural in vineyard
Ph: 3,3
Acidity: 5,5-6 g/l
Sugars: 8 g/l
Colour: soft pink, with a persistent perlage
Sevice temperature: 12-14°C
Matching: ideal for aperitifs or desserts but also ideal for those who love to dine with sparkling wines
Flavour: intense fruity marks mixed to pan-brioche and scent of yeast
Taste: fresh and lively

Wines & Vineyards of Gavi

The Marchesa Estate is a member of the Association of Italian Historic Houses (ADSI) and is listed on the website of the Association: Italian Historic Houses.
Tenuta di Pietra Porzia in Frascati (Rome) is owned by the same family.

Via Gavi 87 15067 - Novi Ligure (AL) - Italy
Tel. Farmhouse: +39.339.381.8193 - Tel. Winery: +39.0143.743.362

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