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Summer Holiday Near Milan

If you want to spend summer holiday near Milan and you haven’t already decided what to do, discover our farmhouse with 143 acres of vineyard in Gavi!

Safe Holidays After Coronavirus: 7 Reasons To Choose a Farmhouse Between Piedmont, Lombardy And Liguria

Many people are wondering where to spend safe holidays after Coronavirus emergence; cares about infection’s risks, safety distance, and environment sanitization are only some of the many questions that people are asking themselves for. Travel represents one of the...

Carnval in a Farmhouse in Monferrato: here our proposal about what to do and where to go for Carnival

Choosing to spend the carnival days in our farmhouse could be the right decision, particoularly for your children. Our Villa is something alike, sowronded by vineyards and woods, our 76 hacres mansion could be the place in which you can have an unforgetable...
Vigne & Vini a Gavi

Via Gavi 87 15067 – Novi Ligure (AL) – Italia

Tenuta la Marchesa è socia dell’Associazione Dimore Storiche italiane (ADSI) ed è listata nel sito Dimore Storiche Italiane.
Alla stessa proprietà fa capo un’altra azienda viticola a Frascati la Tenuta di Pietra Porzia.

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