How to choose what to do and where to go for New Year’s eve? That’s always a hard matter. With this article we suggest you to stay with us. To have New Year’s Eve in Monferrato. The Marchesa’s farmhouse will be happy to cuddle you. It is in a villa transformed into a farmhouse in the Monferrato area. Placed in the middle of a wine estate of 188 acres with vineyards, woods and a private lake.

giulio-cesareNew Year: its history

The history of the New Year dates back to the time when humankind life was based on agriculture. At that time, rhythms were given by the seasons. The beginning of a “new year”, could have taken place either at the end of autumn, when the work on the fields was finished, or at the beginning of spring. Over the time, two great civilizations of the past, the Roman empire and the Chinese empire, needed to set a date for the new year.

New Year in the West: the Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar

In 46 B.C. Julius Caesar, Roman emperor, following the calculations of an Egyptian astronomer, fixed the date of January 1 as the beginning of the new year. Such a calendar was named after him self as the “Julian calendar. Over the centuries the Julian calendar accumulated 10 days of delay, if compared with the astronomical one.

In 1582, Pope Gregorio XIII Boncompagni carried out a church reform based on the calculations made on 1543 by Nicolò Copernico. Thanks to Copernico, the Gregorian calendar was born, it is the calendar we all use nowadays. Pope Gregory XIII was also responsible for applying the rules of the Council of Trent. Over the time and due to globalization, the New Year was almost everywhere set on January 1st.

Orthodox Christians still follow the Julian calendar, this is why Ortodox Christmas is January 7th and New Year is January 14th. 

The Chinese New Year

The Chinese tradition relate the New Year’s eve more closely to the cycle of nature, fixing it on a date between January 21 and February 19. Due to the relationship to the second or third new moon after the winter solstice. The Chinese New Year of 2020 will be on January 25.

In China, each year is marked by an animal. 2020 will be the year of the mouse, considered as a  symbol of protection and prosperity.

According to an ancient legend, every year, a terrible monster, called “the Nian”, was used to eat people. The only defence against him was to perform with loud noises, songs, sounds and fireworks to scare him. The Nian was also terrified by the red color. For this reason, even today, in China the red color is the color of New Year and prosperity.

New Year what to do? Where to go? A New Year’s Eve in the countryside, at the Marchesa farmhouse, is a good choice for 5 reasons

new-years-eve-clockFirst reason: to spend a Relaxed New Year’s eve in the countryside with children, just a step out from the city traffic.
Second reason: to have a romantic New Year’s eve by booking a room for the night, to sleep in silence with your beloved half.
Third reason: solve the problem of how to dress for New Year’s eve. In our farmhouse you can dress as you prefer. Just don’ forget a red touch for good luck, on your underwear.
Fourth reason: to solve the problem of what to eat, in our kitchen we use ingredients that we grow. In this way is nice to rediscover the pleasure of traditional and rural dishes.
Fifth reason: to spend the new year’s eve with a DJ SET and fireworks, beautiful in the countryside

The New Year’s Eve party

For our New Year’s Eve Dinner Party for new Year’s Eve in Monferrato. On December 31 and the night of the first day 2020, you can find the menù of our Restaurant following:

  • STARTERS. Mushrooms soup with Truffle flakes, Bresaola Flower with Goat Cheese, Row Fassone meat, Fennel and Orange salad;
  • FIRST DISHES. Cotechino Filled pasta with Lentils Ragù, Black Rice with Blue Cheese and Pears;
  • MAIN COURSE. Brased beef cooked in Pelvaro wine and Celeriac puré, Roasted Pork leg with Baked potatoes.
  • SWEETS. Pandoro pie with red fruits cream.

55 € each, wines not included (water and coffee included) Children 15 €.

lanterna-cineseIf you would like to stay in our farmhouse for some nights:

  • One nights solution: 110 € each, double room (min 2 people) and breakfast included of the 1st
  • Four nights solution: 290 € each, double room (min 2 people) breakfast included. Plus: Saturday 28 dinner, Sunday 29 lunch, las year dinner on Tuesday 31.

Our advices during your staying:

  • 28/12/19 saturday: antique local market under the arcades of Novi Ligure from 10 am to 04 pm;
  • 29/12/19 cultural visits according to the program suggested by Bell’Italia;
  • shopping at the Serravalle outlet 4 km from our estate;
  • visit to our company, the cellar, the villa, our gardens, with reservation.

If you enjoyed this article and discovered the meaning of the New Year’s eve, come and visit us, just fill out the form below.

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