With this article we want to tell you the history and meaning of this new family holiday and we recommend you celebrate it in a farmhouse in Monferrato.


What does gender reveal mean

Gender reveal means revealing the sex of the unborn child to relatives and friends with a particular event.

What does baby shower mean

The English term shower means shower but also downpour, in this case it recalls the torrential rain of gifts to the mother of the unborn child.

The baby shower or gender reveal party

The birth of a child is so important that it deserves a special party, a memorable event to remember with a party called a baby shower or gender reveal.

When tradition is born

In 2008 an American influencer, Jenna Karvunidis, organized a big party to announce the birth of her first daughter, the idea immediately became a great success and spread from the USA to the whole world.

When to organize a baby shower party

The gender reveal party is organized after the third month of pregnancy when the sex of the baby is known.


How the event is organised

The party is organized with a cascade of pink balloons for a female, light blue for a male but you can also invent other ways to celebrate the party.

What are the gift ideas for this party

The shower of gifts, the so-called baby shower, includes every type of gift for a newborn including a voucher to spend in specialized shops for small children.




Organize a baby shower on the farmhouse

The Marchesa farmhouse in Gavi, in Monferrato, is an ideal place to organize a gender reveal because a party in the countryside is always more beautiful and offers friends’ children the opportunity to play.

Organize a baby shower near Milan 

Our farmhouse is located near Novi Ligure and Gavi, one hour from Mlan, the same from Turin, 40 minutes from Genoa, an ideal venue for a gender reveal.



If with this article we have managed to explain to you the meaning of a gender reveal or baby shower and have convinced you to celebrate the party on a farmhouse, fill out the form below and we will welcome you with great joy.

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