There are three good reasons to spend a weekend in February at the Marchesa farm taking advantage of the first hints of Spring.

Chinese New Year:

The first reason is the Chinese New Year which, in 2019, begins on February 5th to continue for 15 days until the Lantern Festival. Celebrating the Chinese New Year at the Marchesa means starting the year of the Pig in the best possible way, a symbol of prosperity, generosity and altruism. There are two weekends to use, that of 9/10 February and that of 16/17. From the farm of the Marchesa in two hours you can reach the Cinque Terre, an extraordinary destination that in the winter offers unique colors of the sea and the countryside with the added advantage of not having to fight with the crowd that fills the characteristic villages in summer of the coast.

Valentine’s day:

The second reason is the Valentine’s Day of February 14th which can be celebrated by anticipating it at the weekend of 9/10 or delaying it to that of 16/17. Saint Valentine is the saint of love and it is no coincidence that in his honor in 1400 the “Court of Love” had been established in Paris.
The Valentine’s Day has a long tradition that began in Europe in the Middle Ages and then spread to America and the Far East becoming a universal party.
Saint Valentine at the Marchesa farm is a token of love and a tribute to the first hints of spring. The menu of Valentine’s Day at the Marchesa will be provided to all couples interested in spending this important weekend with us, who will choose to come to dinner at the Marchesa will have the surprise to taste the vintage 2018 of our Gavi since, not to In any case, the Marchesa is considered one of the best wine resorts in the Gavi area.

The sales at the Serravalle Outlet:

the third reason is the sales at the Outlet of Serravalle, just 4 km from the Marchesa farm; February is the month of further discounts as the balances end on February 28th; those who prefer cultural itineraries can plan visits to the Maddalena Oratory in Novi Ligure, to the Monastery of Santa Croce in Bosco Marengo, to the Cappuccini Monastery in Voltaggio.

In the November issue of Bell’Italia 12 pages are dedicated to the weekend in the Monferrato to the Marchesa with the description of the surroundings; for cultural visits a reservation is required to be sure of the opening hours.

True wine lovers will also be able to plan a visit to the Marchesa winery, while trekking enthusiasts can reach the lake to appreciate its charm during the winter when the forest that surrounds it still has the carpet of fallen leaves.

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