La Marchesa: Charm and Relax in Italian countryside, on the Piedmontese hills of the Monferrato

For those looking for a holiday of charm and relax in Italian countryside, hideaway in the Piedmontese hills of the Monferrato, The Marchesa is a magical place, a cozy retreat, to rediscover oneself in a historical context, open to the reality of the present.
It is nice to rediscover the pleasure of reading a book in absolute peace, walking in the woods and admiring the blooms of the lake, from the yellow iris in May, up to the lotus flowers from June to September.

For those who love sports, two golf courses nearby, 18 and 36 holes fit perfectly into the landscape. A riding school with horses is just a few kilometers away from the farm, as well as a famous shooting range.

The country roads around La Marchesa are perfect for mountain biking, following the footsteps of the great Fausto Coppi, a native of the area, and tours with vintage cars, which have often ended with us.

It is even more fascinating to relax by the pool in summer or by the fireplace in winter, reading a book and tasting a glass of one of our extraordinary wines.

The right mix of elements for a perfect holiday in Italy.

Charm and relax

La Marchesa is an experience of true charm and relaxation at 360 degrees.

If a charming farmhouse means a place surrounded by the silence of nature and surrounded by a fantastic landscape of hillside vineyards, certainly the farm of La Marchesa perfectly reflects these characteristics, enhanced by the charm that only the old buildings can give.

We are far from the image of the classic aseptic hotel and very close to that of a dream resort where to find the balance often lost in today’s busy world.

Walks in the woods and among the vineyards

Following the map of The Marchesa Estate available at the reception of the farmhouse, you can make beautiful walks staying within the property, along the vineyards and following the course of the small stream that runs in the lower part of the hill.

Alternatively, always along the vineyards, you can reach the lake of almost 2 hectares with its spectacular blooms. A comfortable walk leads to the opposite side of the body of water, in the middle of the woods.

The estate is a hunting reserve and often you can see roe, hares, pheasants.
We do not recommend accessing the densest part of the woods, to avoid the danger of running into wild boar, even though during the day there have never been any problems.

Readings by the lake

The Lake of the Marquise is a magical venue for those who simply want to stop and read a book in peace, disturbed only by the wind that makes the water quiver and some frog leaping from the shore.
You can choose to sit comfortably in one of the two benches on the path right at the edge of the lake.

Weekend of relaxation

At the Marchesa agritourism a relaxing weekend, during your holidays in Italy, is guaranteed: children will never come off the pool; adults will not miss the alternatives, from sports to cultural ones.
The days end always enjoying the scenery while sipping a nice glass of wine.

The surroundings are perfect for beautiful visits discovering places not usual for tourism. It is possible to take half-day trips.
But if you have the whole day there is only the embarrassment of the choice between the sea, the lakes, shopping and cultural tourism of big cities.

Italian romantic weekend

To experience an unforgettable Italian romantic weekend at The Marchesa farmhouse, always book the “turret room”, which is the one that guarantees a truly magical atmosphere to be discovered.

Going up the ancient brick and wood stairs that once led to the pigeon, the real reason why the tower was built in the seventeenth century, under the plaster are still the holes for the nests of pigeons from which the peasants took the small, at the time a very delicious food. The tower room is known as the “spoused room“.

Wines & Vineyards of Gavi

The Marchesa Estate is a member of the Association of Italian Historic Houses (ADSI) and is listed on the website of the Association: Italian Historic Houses.
Tenuta di Pietra Porzia in Frascati (Rome) is owned by the same family.

Via Gavi 87 15067 - Novi Ligure (AL) - Italy
Tel. Farmhouse: +39.339.381.8193 - Tel. Winery: +39.0143.743.362

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