If you are looking for a summer trip to Monferrato, the Nino Ventura exhibition at Forte di Gavi, open from 30 June to 20 September 2018, is an opportunity not to be missed.

Nino Ventura is a contemporary artist attentive to the values ​​of tradition: born in Acireale, moved to Chivasso still very young, he brings with him all the warmth of his land. In his works the white Carrara marble lives a new life, the clay takes unthought shapes related to the theme of water or that of the archangels exposed in the ancient Chapel of the Fort, the bronze in lost wax castings triumphs in the series of fish all Serravalle Outlet. All the figures of Nino Ventura are closed eyes almost as if they do not want to see the world around them to project themselves into an ideal reality made up only of dreams.

How to visit the exhibition of Nino Ventura

The exhibition is open on Friday and Saturday (first Sunday of the free month) according to the times published on the site, you can organize guided tours to the exhibition of Forte di Gavi and works exhibited in the territory by writing to [email protected]. During Forte’s opening hours, call 0143 643554.

Nino Ventura’s works at the Marchesa Estate

A few kilometers from Forte di Gavi and the Outlet of Serravalle, Marchesa Estate hosts in the lawn in front of the villa the works of Nino Ventura: the series of white oscillators and three fascinating bronze vases with inserts gilded. The visit can be organized through the Forte di Gavi as indicated above or by booking directly at the Estate at [email protected] tel 0143 743362.Nino-Ventura-Tenuta-La-Marchesa

A weekend of culture and relaxation at the Marchesa Estate

Starting from the farm you can take a cultural excursion to the fort of Gavi to see the exhibition of Nino Ventura sculptures, on your return you can take a walk to the Lake of the Marchesa to admire the blooming lotus flowers without forgetting to stop and see the sculptures of Nino Ventura exposed in the lawn in front of the villa. You can not miss a visit to the outlet of Serravalle which is 4 km from the Estate where you will find in addition to shopping the bronze fish of nino Ventura in the main square of the outlet.

You will also appreciate the silence of the countryside, the relaxation by the pool and the delicacies of the cuisine of our farm zero kilometer.


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