If you have not yet decided what to do and where to spend the Christmas holidays, with this article we will explain what Christmas represents and we suggest 3 reasons to spend Christmas on a farmhouse in Monferrato, in the Gavi area.



The origins of the Christmas party

In 312 D.C. the emperor Constantine, before the battle against his rival Maxentius, dreamed of winning by putting the sign of the Cross on his flags. After the victory and the triumph in the streets of Rome, he agreed with the emperor of the Orient Licinius and in 313 the edict of Milan was issued in which the persecutions of Christians were brought to an end.

Having become the only Roman emperor, Constantine instituted the feast of Christmas which was celebrated for the first time in Rome on December 25, 336 AD, coinciding with the pagan festival dedicated to the Sun God, with the aim of replacing a pagan tradition with the moment of birth of Christ, new Sun that transforms the world.

In reality no gospel gives exactly the day of the birth of Christ even if it is presumed to have taken place in the winter period.

The cult of the Sun God, corresponding to Mithras, had been introduced in Rome by the emperor Heliogabalus in 220 D.C. and had an enormous success at the same time as the spread of Christianity.

The chosen date also coincides with the festivals in honor of Saturn, the god of agriculture, festivals that were celebrated in ancient Rome from December 17th to 24th, with  large banquets and lot of gifts.


Christmas traditions

Along the centuries, due to the diffusion of Christianity, various traditions linked to Christmas have been born, of which we will speak briefly.

The Crib.  In the Gospels we speak of the announcement of the angel Gabriel to Mary, of the birth in the manger, of the arrival of the shepherds and the Three Wise Man but there are no signs of the ox, the donkey and the cave. All these elements appear at a later date in the so-called Apocryphal Gospels. The nativity scene, established by St. Francis with the “crib of Greccio“, around 1200 AD absorbs the traditions of the past and becomes, especially in Italy, the most beloved symbol of Christmas.

The Christmas tree.  The Christmas tree has spread since the 1500s based on a tradition probably linked to the forests of fir trees in Germany decorated with lights and small gifts according to ancient Christian and pagan habits.


Santa Claus.  The origin of the figure of Santa Claus is very controversial, it derives from S. Nicola di Bari, patron saint of sailors and children, but also from the God Odin who distributed gifts in German traditions. In the twentieth century Santa Claus was still dressed in green, but already in some advertisements and especially in that of Coca-Cola he appears dressed in red with a white beard, according to today’s popular image.

Gifts.  The habit of exchanging gifts goes back to the winter solstice parties where gifts were exchanged for the winter season. The church has never looked favorably on this habit which has remained and is now more solid than ever.


3 reasons to spend Christmas holidays on a farmhouse in Monferrato

Times change and the traditional Christmas at home for many people becomes a problem, so here are 3 good reasons to spend Christmas holidays on a farmhouse near Milan.

Enjoy Christmas lunch or Christmas Eve dinner in the company of family and children without having to cook and tidy up. We will send you the menu on demand

— Have lunch or dinner in a beautiful room with Christmas decorations and a lit fireplace 


— Spend 4 nights in our farmhouse at the cost of 2 nights using the Monferrato Voucher. Please contact us and we will tell you how to do

Christmas Mass

For those who do not want to miss Christmas mass, the Confraternity of the Magdalene, one and half mile away from Tenuta dalla Marchesa, offers a very special Christmas mass in a charming private church belonging to a Confraternity active for centuries.

Christmas on a farmhouse in Gavi, near Genoa

Novi Ligure was a republic of Genoa, our farmhouse is a 17th century villa located on the Bocchetta road which directly connected Genoa to Novi Ligure.

Christmas on a farmhouse one hour from Turin

We are only an hour from Turin, in the hills of Alto Monferrato, our menu combines traditional Piedmontese dishes with those of Ligurian cuisine.

Christmas on a farmhouse with the latest gifts at Serravalle Outlet

If you are still missing some small gifts, the Serravalle outlet is only 8 kilometers away, you will be spoiled for choice.



Business Christmas dinner on a farmhouse in Monferrato

If you have not yet decided where to organize,   your company’s Christmas dinner, the Marchesa farmhouse, near Milan, Torino and Genova, offers you an unforgettable opportunity: a large, charming, dinner room in the countryside surrounded by vineyards, a lit fireplace, a lunch or dinner not only with  the traditional menu but also with  dishes coming from the products of the our vegetable garden, of our orchard, made with our wheat and accompanied by our fine, low sulphite wines, with the natural scents of native grapes.


Wine for Christmas basketsscatole degustazione aperte

Wine is the main player of Christmas baskets and is always the most beloved gift; it is enough to know the tastes of the recipient and choose the wines of the territory produced by a real wine estate as in the case of the Tenuta la Marchesa. We can prepare baskets of your choice only with our products: wines and sparkling wines, biscuits made with our flour, flour from our wheat field, various jams from our orchard.

If you want to spend Christmas with us we look forward to seeing you, just fill out the form below.


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