If you are looking for a special gift to give for Christmas we suggest you compose your Christmas basket with the wines, sparkling wines and products of our wine estate or choose to donate a voucher with one of our experiences.

Albero di natale

Do you know where the habit of Christmas gifts comes from?

2000 years ago, at the time of the Roman Empire, in the second half of December great celebrations were held accompanied by banquets and gifts in honor of Saturn, the god of agriculture, coinciding with the winter solstice which traditionally began to the new year.

The feast of the Sun god was also held on December 25th, a very important god to whom the success of agricultural harvests was closely linked.

The Christian church could not accept pagan holidays so it established the Christmas celebration on December 25th but was unable to make us forget the tradition of banquets and gifts for all the family and friends which lasts to this day.

botte cantinaChristmas gifts with Monferrato wines

If you don’t know which bottles of wine to give at Christmas you can choose our Gavi and some reds that enhance the natural aromas of the native Piedmontese vines such as Pelvaro, in which you will discover the scent of white pepper and blackcurrants from Pelaverga, Larino with aromas of black cherry or Valino which has hints of spices and liquorice. They are all wines from the vineyards of our estate.


Christmas gifts with Marchesa sparkling wines

If you don’t know which sparkling wine to give as a gift to make a good impression, choose one of our cases of 1, 2, 3 bottles of Brut Spumante, Brut Rosé Spumante with an unmistakable aroma, sweet Rosè sparkling wine.

Baskets with wines and products from our wine estate

You can pair the wines with honey from our woods, biscuits made with our flour, flour from our wheat field, black and white rice.

Experiences as a gift at Christmasscatole degustazione aperte

If you don’t know what to give to someone who likes the countryside, choose to donate a voucher for one of the experiences offered by our farmhouse. We are in the open countryside but also close to Milan, Turin and Genoa, on the border between Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria.

Offer a food and wine experience

On our website you will find a visit to the cellar with tasting of our wines and the flavour experience with lunch or dinner in our farmhouse.

Offers a special, unique, experience

Trekking to our lake is a unique experience following the blooming of Japanese cherry trees, yellow irises and lotus flowers. Book a visit to the historic villa to take a dive into the past.

Are you unsure about the phrase to use to accompany your gift?

Merry Christmas is the simplest but also the most beautiful phrase.

If you want an offer for a Christmas gift of wines or sparkling wines, fill out the form below or come and visit us.

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