Choosing to spend the carnival days in our farmhouse could be the right decision, particoularly for your children. Our Villa is something alike, sowronded by vineyards and woods, our 76 hacres mansion could be the place in which you can have an unforgetable experience.

Which is the origin of carnival?dionisio-dio-grecia

The origin of carnival, is linked to the pagan festivities that, and centuries ago it was related with the beginning of a new year. Festivities such the “Dionisiac” in ancient Greece, or “Saturnali” in ancient Roman Empire. The aim of those Festivities was to overturnthe society. That’s how a powerfull person coud interpretate the role of a servant and the other way around. During the parties people were use to dance like crazy and perform jokes.

Carnival and the Catholic Church

Almost every pagan festivity of the pasthas has been assimilated by the Catholic Church, giving them during millennia a religous meaning. For Carnival it was almost impossibile to give it a Christian meaning. Because of this difficoulty the Chatolic Church choose to considerate it the last moment of freedom before the beginning od “Quaresima”. The “Quaresima” is considered to be a period of penitence, that brings to the Crucifixion of Christ and than the resurection. This is the origin of the word “Carnevale” from latin “carnem levare”, fastin of meat during the “quaresima” to purify the soul before Christ death and resurection.

When is Carnival?

Everyone knows that the date of Easter changes every year, for this reason Carnival, that is related to it, is changer year by year.

In 2020 the most important dates are: february 20 (shrove thursday), february 22 (shrove saturday), february 23 (Carnival Sunday) and february 25 (shrove tuesday). The ones that lives in Milano are very luky, becouse they have a second shrove saturday on february 29, and this is just one more opportunity to be with us in our Farmhouse in Monferrato.

carnevale-maschereCarnival Masks

Dressing us with a mask for Carnival is an ancient tradition. This tradition is bounded with the “upsite down” world. If you wear a mask in this world you can became eveything you like. IN every Italian region there is a different traditional mask. Nowadays children preffer to wear masks of modern characters. For the carnival party of our Agritourism everyone can wear the mask that he preffer, and play with not restrictions.

Carnival sweets

Among the many carnival sweets that you can find around Italy the “Chiacchere” are well known all around the country. The recipe we use in our farmhouse is unique. We only use the flour that we produce, eggs and butter coming from nearby producers, all this with a little drom of “grappa di Cortese”.

Carnival in Monferratochiacchere-fiocchi-dolci-carnevale

We hope that we could explain to you why is best to spend Carnival in Monferrato, at the Marchesa farmhouse, is a winning choice. Because you can easily reach us both from Piedmont and from Lombardy and Liguria. You can escape from the noise of the city, let the children play in the countryside, taste our zero-kilometer dishes, mached by our wines and in particular by the new Gavi 2019 just bottled.

Lachera in Rocca Grimalda

For anyone that are up to carnival parties, there is the possibility to partecipate at the Carnival party of Rocca Grimalda. The place is just 30 minutes far from The Marchesa. On the event you will find dances and parades, you can find the detailed program in here. On Saturday 15th from 4 and 8 pm is possible to visit the farmhouse. The day will end with the parade trough the village and fireworks. On Sunday 16th starting from 3 pm, traditional dances will take place, for the traditional celebration of the victory of a couple of lovers against the dangerous local gentleman.

Our Carnival Menù

The menu we offer you is the best you can find on those days in Monferrato. The love for the traditional farmer’s cuisine, for the flavours of the past that you will find at the highest level in our menu.



  • Rolled omelette with homemade maionese and ham
  • Thistles and potatoes cake
  • Artichokes cake with Montebore cheese

First course:

  • Fresh cheese candies with speck ham, butter and sage

Main dish:

  • Pelvaro” wine cooked escalope with baked potatoes


  • Typical Italian fried Carnival sweets

Coffé and Water

25 €/each (wines not included)

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