If you have not yet decided what to do and where to go for Carnival with this article we suggest you to spend the Carnival in a farmhouse in Monferrato, a perfect choice also for children.


Carnival: its origindionisio-dio-grecia

The origin of the Carnival, a transition from the old to the new year, is connected to the feasts that, from ancient times, marked the birth of the new year.

Both the Dionysian feasts of ancient Greece, and the Saturnalia of the Roman Empire were feasts in which the social categories were overturned, the servants become masters and vice versa in a succession of unbridled dances and parties related to joke and freedom of customs.


Carnival and the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church, beeing impossible to eliminate particularly pleasant moments of fun, has tried to give a Christian meaning to these feasts.

The Church chose to consider them as the last moment of full freedom before the beginning of Lent, the period of penance pending the Crucifixion of Christ and his Resurrection. This is perhaps the origin of the word “Carnival” which means “carnem levare” linked to the last great meat dinner on Shrove Tuesday, before the long period of Lent.

When is Carnival?

As everyone knows, Easter changes every year; this is the reason why Carnival, linked to Easter, has variable dates.

Carnival dates in 2023

In 2023 the most important dates are February 16: Fat Thursday; February 18: Fat Saturday; February 19: Carnival Sunday; February 21: Fat Tuesday, before Ash Wednesday.

Those who live in Milan and in the province are very lucky because they have a second fat Saturday on February 25, so they can enjoy a new dinner on our farmhouse.


carnevale-maschereCarnival Masks

Dressing in masks for Carnival is an ancient tradition linked to the concept of an upside down world in which you can obtain, through the mask, a new identity, that of your dream.

Every Italian region has its own mask but today children want the masks they see on television !! For the Carnival party on our farmhouse, children can choose their favorite masks to be able to play freely.


Carnival sweets


Among the many Carnival sweets the chiacchiere occupy the place of honor, the recipe of the chiacchiere of the farmhouse of the Marchesa is very particular because the flour comes from our wheat that has the flavor of nature, the eggs and the butter from farms in the area, the pinch of grappa from our Gavi!


Carnival menu

The Carnival menu of February 18 for dinnr and February 19 for lunch will be sent on demand. In any case we are always open for dinner.


What to do during Carnival in our farmhouse

During the Carnival weekend in our farmhouse in Monferrato you can make cultural tours to small extraordinary museums in the surroundings, shopping at the Serravalle outlet with the latest sales and the new collections, beautiful walks to the lake of the Marchesa. Do not forget to book one of our experiences.

If we convinced you to spend Carnival in our farmhouse in Gavi, in Monferrato, just fill in the format below and we will guest you wityh graet pleasure.



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