if you take a trip to Gavi, in Monferrato, do not miss the opportunity to book an appetizer in the vineyard in Gavi at Tenuta la Marchesa estate

Do you know why the aperitif is linked to wine?

The Latin word “aperitivus” means something that opens, a drink that stimulates the appetite and is therefore perfect before lunch or dinner.

Hippocrates, the great Greek doctor of the 5th century, to stimulate the appetite, recommended a spiced white wine as an aperitif, in ancient Rome the pleasure of the appetizer remains but the taste change and they drinked the “mulsum” a wine mixed with honey .

The habit of an aperitif as a social ritual

At the end of the eighteenth century vermouth was invented in Turin, made with wine and herbs, the aperitif is transformed into a moment of social life that is increasingly widespread in Italy throughout the world. Today we tend to eliminate herbs, rediscovering the pleasure of wine or brut and rosé bubbles

The experience of the happy hour in the vineyard in Lombardy, Piedmont or Liguria

One hour from Milan, Turin or Genoa, you can book an aperitif in the vineyard in the middle of the rows surrounded by 120 acres of vineyards, you can then book dinner at our farmhouse unless you prefer to organize an appetizer directly in the vineyard

Aperitif in a historic cellarcantina antica marchesa

If you prefer an aperitif in the cellar, you have the choice between the modern cellar or the historic cellar of the 17th century that has just been restored, it is the Bacchus experience that you can find on our website.

You can choose between Gavi, our  reds wines from native grapes, or brut and rosé bubbles, all our wines have very low sulphites, lower than organic wines.

From aperitif to happy hour in the cellar in Milan

If you come from Milan and, especially for lunch, you want light food, the aperitif can be transformed into an happy hour in the cellar or in the vineyard with wines accompanied by our focaccia, cold cuts and cheeses from the area

piscina e spumante marchesa

Aperitif by the pool

On the farmhouse, by the pool, we serve appetizer with finger foods freshly prepared for the guests of the rooms of our farmhouse



Appetizer by the lakepanchina lago marchesa

An aperitif by the lake is part of an unforgettable dream, in the gazebo by the Marchesa lake, we organize appetizers which, especially in summer with blooming lotus flowers, are an extraordinary experience

Aperitif in the lemon house

Our lemon house has been transformed into a wine museum but is also suitable for an aperitif in a museum full of charm that tells the history of the area.

If you liked this article and want to book an aperitif in Gavi nel Monferrato, fill out the form below and we will welcome you with pleasure

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