The visit to the cellar with tasting is now a classic but an aperitif in the cellar or in the middle of the vineyards is a different experience in Gavi, just an hour from Milan.

Where we are

Tenuta la Marchesa is in Novi Ligure, in the center of the Turin, Milan, Genoa triangle, 5 miles from the Serravalle outlet, in the Gavi area, a territory of rolling hills yet to be discovered.

The tradition of wine as an aperitif

Wine has always been a perfect aperitif, Hippocrates in the 5th century BC use to say that water is cold and humid while wiESPERIENZA STARTne, hot and dry, is also perfect as an aperitif to maintain good health.

The aperitif in the cellar in Gavi, in Monferrato

An hour from Milan and Turin, Tenuta La Marchesa is perfect for an aperitif with wine tasting in the cellar in the tasting room with the wooden beam ceiling, in the ancient 18th century cellar located under the villa or in the lemon house of the villa.

White wine as an aperitif pool side

piscina e spumante marchesa

Gavi is a perfect white as an aperitif due to its fresh fruity aroma combined with a dry background.

Red wine as an aperitif

Monferrato Rosso is a pleasant aperitif to be tasted even at 14 degrees. For those who want a truly unique red, Pelvaro offers the scent of white pepper and black currants from Pelaverga. Unforgettable are the red Larino with the scent of black cherry and the Valino with an almost black color and the scent of licorice.

Sparkling wine as an aperitif

We have a truly extraordinary brut and rosé sparkling wine, perfect as an aperitif.

cantina antica marchesa

An aperitif and an apericena in the cellar or in the vineyard one hour from Turin and Genoa

The difference between aperitif and apericena is very thin, just add light dishes made with local products and an aperitif becomes a more than pleasant apericana.

Aperitif in a farmhouse in Gavi, in Monferrato

We organize many aperitifs and aperitifs in the Marchesa farmhouse, outdoors or in the halls of the villa but we can also make them in the lemon house or in the ancient cellar of the villa.

panchina lago marchesa

Aperitif at the edge of a private lake near Milan

Let yourself be tempted by an aperitif  on the edge of the lake of the estate with a view of the lotus flowers in bloom from the end of June to the beginning of October.

The purchase of wines in the cellar

The purchase of wines tasted in the cellar is a guarantee of quality and taste.

If you live in the Milan, Turin or Genoa area and want to organize an aperitif in the cellar or in the vineyard in Monferrato, come and visit us by filling out the form below and we will welcome you with great pleasure.

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