To spend the weekend of All Saints and Halloween Marchesa farm holiday offers also to childrens the possibility to spend even a single day surrounded by 76 hectares of untouched landscape in Gavi, in Monferrato.

pantheon-romaDo you know the origin of All saints day?

The feast of All Saints was born on 13 May 609 AD when the Catholic Church, in order to replace the pagan gods with Christian ones, decided to dedicate the Pantheon, the temple symbol of the pagan gods, to the Virgin Mary .

Shortly after the feast was moved on November 1 and combined, in the 11th century, to November 2, the day of the dead with the aim of avoiding pagan feast that recalled dead persons with rituals in contrast with the Catholic religion as in the case of Halloween.

Halloween: what does it mean and where does it come from? Why dead’s and saints together?

The term Halloween is closely related to All Saints as derives from the word Hallow which means saint in archaic English.

All Hallow’s Eve is therefore equivalent to the eve of all saints, this is why Halloween is celebrated on October 31st exactly the evening before the All Saints Day feast on November 1st.

The feast has a much older origin dating back to the Celts’ world in Ireland, a shepherd population that celebrated New Year’s Eve on October 31st,the same date of the end of summer and the time when the flocks left pastures to face the long winter in the stables. .

For this reason the feast was called Samhain, the name of the New Year of the Celts. During the night of Samhain the spirits of the dead returned to the earth, mingled with the living who lit torches in front of the houses to allow their deceased family members to return to their home.

The Christian church, unable to eliminate the feast that had a very strong popular following, made a moment of prayer dedicating it to both the dead and all the saints, the name Samhain has disappeared and has been replaced by Halloween.


Halloween from Ireland to the world

In XIXth Ireland was a colony of England and the majority of the lands were owned by the English aristocracy. The Irish population had grown enormously thanks to the cultivation of the potato which has a much higher amount of calories than wheat. The monoculture of the potato had, however, caused a fungal disease which completely destroyed the crops causing a terrible famine and the emigration of millions of Irish people to the United States. The Irish emigrants had not forgotten their traditions among which the Halloween feast which soon became a national holiday in the USA and from the USA spread around the world.

Halloween why the light in the pumpkin?

According to a legend, Jack, a dissolute sinner who had made a pact with the devil and cheated him, was not even accepted in hell so that at his death, he was destined to wander aimlessly with the sole company of a burning light given him by the devil . To make it last longer, Jack puts it in a turnip turned into a pumpkin in the USA because it was easier to carve pumpkins.

All Saints and Halloween on a farmhouse

Not only a day but a whole weekend pass quickly at the Marchesa farmhouse in Monferrato; there are many alternatives to spend your time and to enjoy the unforgettable colors of autumn.

All Saints and Halloween with cultural tourism and shopping

For a cultural experience at the Marchesa farm holiday area you can choose between the Confraternita della Maddalena in Novi Ligure, the Monastery of Santa Croce in Boscomarengo and the Art Gallery of Cappuccini in Voltaggio,they are small museums run by volunteers but we can help you to book, for Bell’Italia readers an entire service was published in the November 2018 issue .

For shopping lovers, the Serravalle outlet, 4 km from the Marchesa farmhouse, is a real paradise !!

All Saints and Halloween for a wine tour between the vineyards, the winery and a walk to the lake

The experience of visiting the winery of the Marchesa estate at a time when the new wine is finishing to ferment is a way to immerse oneself in the world of wine and to smell its fragrance very exciting at this season . Visits can be booked at the farmhouse. A visit is already scheduled Sunday novembre 1 at 11 am.

The experience of the Marchesa lake walk allows you to walk among the vineyards that still have the colors of autumn and discover the woods around the lake while the lotus flowers are now withering and the corollas with the seeds remain to remember the splendor of flowering. A map of the estate is available for the walk.

All Saints and Halloween at the farmhouse restaurant

The restaurant of Marchesa farmhouse is open during All Saints and Halloween Friday october 30th and saturday october 31st for dinner, sunday November 1st for dinner, we can make additional special openings for the guests of the farm holiday.

In addition to the normal menu, a special pumpkin menu will be available made, as usual, with the products from our vegetable garden and our wheat field. You can combine the dishes with our

Gavi and Albarossa, perhaps our new wine, the Pelvaro with particular aromas of white pepper and blackcurrant typical of the native Pelaverga grape.

For the aperitif we offer a Rosè sparkling spumante from Gavi and Pelaverga, quite unique!!

At the restaurant all the rules linked to Covid are fully respected.

Three nights at the price of one with Piedmont voucher

There are only few vouchers still available in order to spend three nights in double room at the price of one. All informations at our farmhouse.

Halloween and All Saints with  charme and relax in Gavi in ​​Monferrato

if you just want to stay in peace and relax in a charming place, the Marchesa farmhouse in Gavi, in ​​Monferrato, is the place to find yourself away from the crowd … we wait for you, just fill out the form below!


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