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Mid-August in a farmhouse in Monferrato

How to spend Mid-August holiday in a farmhouse: between nature, culture, relax and wines.

aperitivo spumante marchesa

An appetizer in the vineyard in Gavi nel Monferrato is a wonderful experience

if you take a trip to Gavi, in Monferrato, do not miss the opportunity to book an appetizer in the vineyard in Gavi at Tenuta la Marchesa estate Do you know why the aperitif is linked to wine? The Latin word "aperitivus" means something that opens, a drink that...
fiori ciliegio

Japanese cherry blossoms

Here's where to see Japanese cherry trees in bloom in Italy Japanese cherry trees in bloom are particularly fascinating if they are reflected in the water of a lake as in the most famous gardens in Japan, but before telling you where to go to see them, we want to tell...


Halloween and All Saints holidays. We tell the story of their origins and invite you to spend them in our company in our Agritourism, with a special menù.

Summer Holiday Near Milan

If you want to spend summer holiday near Milan and you haven’t already decided what to do, discover our farmhouse with 143 acres of vineyard in Gavi!


Safe Holidays After Coronavirus: 7 Reasons To Choose a Farmhouse Between Piedmont, Lombardy And Liguria

Many people are wondering where to spend safe holidays after Coronavirus emergence; cares about infection’s risks, safety distance, and environment sanitization are only some of the many questions that people are asking themselves for. Travel represents one of the...

Carnval in a Farmhouse in Monferrato: here our proposal about what to do and where to go for Carnival

Choosing to spend the carnival days in our farmhouse could be the right decision, particoularly for your children. Our Villa is something alike, sowronded by vineyards and woods, our 76 hacres mansion could be the place in which you can have an unforgetable...

Valentine’s Day Offer in a Monferrato Farmhouse

If you have not yet decided what to do and where to go on Valentine's Day here is a special offer for all the couples that lives between Piedmont, Lombardy and Liguria. Our farmhouse in Monferrato is the place for Valentine's day in Monferrato. Piedmont, Lombardy or...

TripAdvisor rewarded La Marchesa with the maximum score

50 reviews with 5 points, the maximum score achievable on Tripadvisor! We are happy to share with all of our clients this important award. Many thanks to all for the trust you have always give us. It is not always easy for an Italian Farmhouse such our to gain this...

New Year: What to do? Where to go? Why not to try a Farmhouse in Gavi, in the hearth of Monferrato

If you are asking your self what to do? Or where to go? For new year’s eve. In this article we tell you the story of this eve and advice you the best way to spend it with us.

Charming farmhouse in Piedmont in the heart of Monferrato

La Tenuta La Marchesa is a very rare example in northern Italy of a large winery that owns the same lands it had in the 18th century, with an intact landscape of great charm. The Estate, one of the most important in the Gavi area, is composed of a charming historic house, of The Limonaia, that hosts weddings, events, the concert hall, the Italian garden, the orchard, the pool, the ancient cellar and is immersed in 76 hectares of vineyards and centuries-old woods, with an enchanted lake in the middle.
The Estate is the ideal location for photo shoots and film sets.

The charming farmhouse with swimming pool of the Marchesa, one of the most fascinating resorts of Monferrato, is a secret escape a and cozy retreat located between Novi Ligure and Gavi. The venue is unique, in a privileged position in the center of Piedmont, between Langhe and Monferrato, at the center of the route between Turin, Milan and Genoa, on the road to Liguria and the Cinque Terre, 2 km from Golf Colline del Gavi. It represents an ideal stopping point for tourists looking for shopping, being only 4 kilometers from the Outlet of Serravalle Scrivia.

The farmhouse has 12 rooms, a typical Piedmontese restaurant with zero-kilometer cuisine: we use the raw materials of our garden and the area to prepare ancient recipes of the region.
The wine is produced by us and the extra virgin olive oil comes from our sister company, the Tenuta di Pietra Porzia in Frascati, Rome.
The farmhouse is housed in an elegant seventeenth-century dwelling, restored with careful scrupulous preservation of the old structure. It is magically immersed in greenery and enjoys a spectacular view of the Piedmont hills and the vineyards of Gavi, Monferrato and Albarossa, owned by the company.
The restaurant is open to the public and can be reserved for weddings, business meetings and private events.

The combination of ancient and modern, of history, vineyards, local flavors and country landscapes, gives the farm, cared for in every detail, a unique charm. The atmosphere exudes the charm of an historic house, with vaulted brick ceilings and exposed wooden beams

Wines & Vineyards of Gavi

The Marchesa Estate is a member of the Association of Italian Historic Houses (ADSI) and is listed on the website of the Association: Italian Historic Houses.
Tenuta di Pietra Porzia in Frascati (Rome) is owned by the same family.

Via Gavi 87 15067 - Novi Ligure (AL) - Italy

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